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I love fire and flavour in my food! That, and my Ghanaian heritage, are the biggest inspirations for my products. All my delicious products are made by hand with the finest natural ingredients. 

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Gifty x

What do we make?

Jollof sauce is the base sauce for delicious jollof rice.


Our jollof sauce is a big hit with families as it makes jollof rice really accessible and can be eaten with any meat, fish or vegetables.


We make our jollof sauce in two heat strengths, spicy and non-spicy, so whether you're a hot head or you like it mild, you're bound to enjoy it.

Our Mighty Jollof Sauce

Jollof sauce - spicy 1.jpg

Shito, Ghana's Delicious Prawn Chilli Relish

Okay, so let's get the name and its pronunciation out of the way :)

This delicious chilli sauce is called Shito. The first bit, 'shi', that's easy and sounds like it reads. The end is 'to' like 'toffee'.

But what's in a name, eh? Let's not get stuck on that. Get stuck into this fiery, flavourful, fish-based condiment instead!


Raw Heat

Our raw chilli relishes range from mild to blow-your-head-off hot. Our most popular by far (and funnily enough, our hottest one) is our Red Hot Chilli Relish.


We also make a


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