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Me and my daughter at a local fair

Before I left my native Ghana in the early 1980s no-one would have described me as a ‘brilliant cook’. I was blessed with a family who always rustled up very tasty meals, and the local take-aways could always be relied upon for good wholesome dishes!

However, on re-locating to London I found myself missing the flavours of African food. Before long, I had started making my own condiments using some trusty old recipes I had been taught by my mum and grandmother. My husband loved my cooking and so did my young daughter, Rebecca.

The hostess in me loved entertaining and soon all my friends were asking for my “gorgeous home-made African condiments” to take home for their own use – the idea of Gifty’s Chilli Relishes was born!

It’s my pleasure to share them with you. I do hope you enjoy them.

Gifty x

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