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Gifty's® Ghana Jollof Sauce

What is jollof sauce?

Jollof sauce is a cooking sauce and a base for jollof rice, a delicious West African rice dish.


Everyone who can make it will have their own take on the recipe. Some people like to use fresh tomatoes while others swear by tomato puree. Some people add red bell peppers for sweetness while others add chilli peppers for fiery heat. You can find out more about the ingredients we use on our shopping page

What does it taste like?

Our jollof sauce is made with tomatoes and a blend of vegetables and spices so it has a lovely, deep tomatoey (yes, it's a word!) flavour. Our spicy version contains chillies for an added kick for those who like it hot.


What else can you do with it?

Most people tend to use jollof sauce ​to make jollof rice but did you know that you can also use it as a condiment or dipping sauce? Our jollof sauce is delicious with foods like pasta, yam, roast potatoes, fried fish, plantain and gari. 

Can anyone eat it?

Jollof sauce is one of the most accessible cooking sauces you will find anywhere. It's especially popular with families because it adds instant and delicious flavour to the plainest or blandest of meals; even the fussiest eaters enjoy it. 

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