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Are any of your products suitable for vegans?

Yes!! We have 7 vegan products in our range, 5 of them are also raw:
- Jollof Sauce (vegan)
- Vegan Shito (vegan)
- Red Hot Chilli Relish (raw, vegan)
- Cucumber Chilli Relish (raw, vegan)
- Apple Chilli Relish (raw, vegan)
- Pineapple Chilli Relish (raw, vegan)
- Cranberry Chilli Relish (raw, vegan)
Of course, vegetarians and meat eaters can also enjoy these relishes.

How hot are your products?

We use habanero chillies in our raw relishes and and a blend of powdered chillies in our cooked sauces (Ghana Shito, Vegan Shito and Jollof Sauce). Our Non-Spicy Jollof Sauce contains no chilli but does have some ginger which gives it some slight heat. 
Habanero chillies have a scoville rating of between 100,000 and 350,000.
Check out our chilli chart below for an idea of how hot our products are
- Cucumber Chilli Relish 
- Apple Chilli Relish
- Cranberry Chilli Relish
- Pineapple Chilli Relish
- Red Hot Chilli Relish 
- Original Ghana Shito/Prawn Chilli Relish
- Vegan Shito
Jollof sauce
- Spicy Jollof Sauce
- Non-spicy Jollof Sauce

How long do your products last?

Our vegan relishes have a minimum best before shelf life of 2 months. These relishes are uncooked for a delicious fresh taste and contain no artificial ingredients. Keep our vegan relishes chilled in the fridge to extend the shelf life of your product. You may notice some discoloration in the product after the best before date but they are perfectly safe to eat.
Our Ghana Shito has a best before of 6 months.
Our Jollof Sauces, unopened and refrigerated, have a shelf life of about 3 months. Once opened, use up within 2 weeks.
Check out our individual product pages for more information.

Can I eat your products uncooked?

Yes!! Our 5 raw relishes are a blend of fresh fruits and vegetables that can be enjoyed uncooked. Our other products (Gifty's® Ghana Shito, Gifty's® Vegan Shito and Gifty's® Ghana Jollof Sauce) are already cooked and can be enjoyed straight out of the jar. You do not need to cook them further. However, to use the Jollof Sauce to make the famous Ghana Jollof Rice, raw rice would have to be added to the sauce and cooked according to the simple instructions on the jar.
All of the products in our shop can be enjoyed with a variety of meals. 

Can I use your products in my cooking?

Yes, our relishes go well with a whole host of dishes and can be enjoyed raw or with cooked food. You can also use them as marinades or stir-in sauces. Check out our product pages for inspiration.
1 chilli heat rating.png
5 chilli heat rating.png
4 chilli heat rating.png
3 chilli heat rating.png
2 chilli heat rating.png
4 chilli heat rating.png
4 chilli heat rating.png
3 chilli heat rating.png
1 chilli heat rating.png
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