Are any of your products suitable for vegans?
Yes!! I have 4 vegan relishes in my range:
- Cucumber Chilli Relish
- Apple Chilli Relish
- Pineapple Chilli Relish
- Red Hot Chilli Relish
Of course, vegetarians and meat eaters can also enjoy these relishes
How hot is your chilli sauce?
We use habanero chillies in our relishes so each of our products have some chilli content. Habanero chillies have a scoville rating of between 100,000 and 350,000. Our relishes range from mild to hot.
- Cucumber Chilli Relish
- Apple Chilli Relish
- Pineapple Chilli Relish
- Prawn Chilli Relish
- Red Hot Chilli Relish 
How long does your chilli sauce last?
My vegan relishes have a best before of 2 months and our Prawn Chilli relish has a best before of 6 months. These relishes are uncooked for a delicious fresh taste and contain no artificial ingredients. Keep our vegan relishes chilled in the fridge to extend the shelf life of your project. You may notice some discoloration in our product after the best before date but they are perfectly safe to eat.
Can I eat your relishes uncooked?
Yes!! My 4 vegan relishes are a blend of raw ingredients that can be enjoyed raw and uncooked. My Prawn Chilli Relish is made with smoked prawns and is already cooked. You do not need to cook it. All of my relishes can be enjoyed with a variety of meals. Simply click on each product to see our food ideas.
Can I use Gifty's® Chilli Relish in my cooking?
Yes, my relishes go well with a whole host of dishes and can be enjoyed raw or with cooked food. You can use them as marinades or stir-in sauces. Click on the food ideas tab above for inspiration

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