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3-jar gift box

Isn't this gift box just fabulous?!


If you would like a different combination of relishes to the one in the picture above, don't worry! You can put this gift box together with any combination of relishes you like. So, if you want to go crazy and have 3 jars of the same relish in your gift box, just go for it!


What do our relishes go with?

Red Hot: Burgers & BBQs ~ Pizza ~ Stir-fries ~ Cheese ~ Fish dishes ~ Lamb dishes ~ Salsa & tomato sauce ~ Chicken dishes


Prawn: African, Thai and other Asian dishes & curries ~ Fish dishes ~ Stir-fries ~ Noodles ~ Pasta ~ Rice ~ Potatoes ~ Grilled or fried meats ~ Sandwiches ~ Eggs


Cucumber: Green salads ~ Fish dishes ~ Noodles ~ Pasta ~ Stir-fries ~ Wraps ~ Lamb dishes ~ Burgers & BBQs


Apple: Pork dishes ~ Noodles ~ Burgers and BBQs ~ Pasta ~ Stir-fries ~ Wraps ~ Lamb dishes ~ Chicken dishes

3-jar gift box


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